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About DestinationTrak 

DestinationTrak is an advanced device used to locate, monitor, report, track and recovery of assets such as, cars, humans, pets, buses, trucks & their loads.

This Technology uses a combination of GPS & GSM (SMS & GPRS) technology.

DestinationTrak makes use of the mobile phone network to provide a macro location of an asset. This serves as the starting point, with the use of elaborate digital street level map of Nigeria, the assets micro location is giving is to the police for recovery.


Over the last few years, the need for a reliable tracking system within Nigeria has become undeniable and this is why we are introducing our comprehensive, yet the most user- friendly tracking system available in the market today. Our product is suitable for both large and small organizations, to monitor and manage thousands of mobile assets throughout the country.

It is a modular based system that allows for the “real time” monitoring and management of mobile assets. Our software application is simple to use, yet a comprehensive program that enables organizations to view, monitor and manage all their mobile assets. We offer comprehensive and fully customizable reports that show how remote assets are being utilized.  Read more


We wish to introduce our new Product called DestinationTrak which is the most innovative tracking system in the market today,
Our tracking devices are scalable and can offer extensive functionality, depending on your needs. These include geo-fence zones, remote immobilization and re-mobilization, approach to base/location alerts, out of hour’s usage alert, and many more.

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